According To A New Study, Flushing Public Urinals May Spread Coronavirus

New research is highlighting the potential risks involved with using a public bathroom.

new study has found that flushing a urinal can cause an “alarming upward flow” of coronavirus particles, reported the New York Post.


The findings have led researchers to recommend people wear face masks while in public bathrooms.


Scientists in China found that COVID-19 particles from flushing a public urinal can shoot up to two feet in the air in less than 6 seconds. The study reported that the particles could potentially infect the person using the urinal.


This latest study comes after a team at Yangzhou University in China previously found that putting the toilet lid down before flushing may prevent the spread of COVID-19.


A computer model showed that flushing causes a cloud of little particles containing fecal matter to get sent nearly three feet into the air after using the toilet.


Not only is it possible for COVID-19 to potentially spread, but it’s also a breeding ground for other viruses such as norovirus, the researchers said.