Actual Fashion Trend or a Prank?

This is a prank right?

I don’t know about you, but I like my hands to be free when I’m out and about. That’s why I switched from a traditional hand held or over the shoulder purse to a very handy Sash Bag. So, when I see this teeny tiny ‘bag’ from Jacquemus, I’m not entirely sure it’s real.


$500 for a pretty much useless bag. I mean, you can’t even fit stick of lip gloss in there! This is a prank right? Like, they got some celebrities on board and said “Let’s see how many suckers we can get to buy this!”
Not only does it not hold anything, really, but you have to use up one whole hand to carry it AND make sure you don’t put it down and forget it because it’s so tiny. It’s also got to be the most easily stolen handbag out there. Just slip it out from their dainty fingers, put it in your pocket and off you go!



This probably rivals the short-lived paper dress trend of the 1960s as an utterly ridiculous fashion trend.

Maybe we can bring back super long Crakow shoes from the 14th century and sell them for a couple thousand. Hmmm. Now, what celebrities can we get on board…

No, I couldn’t believe that Rihanna would be carrying around this key chain-sized purse. So, I did some checking and the only thing I can find is Rihanna carrying the larger, but still small, version of this Jacquemus bag. See HERE.

Image: Twitter SarahVoguee