Adele Has The Best Gym Face

We feel your pain, Adele!

I love how REAL Adele is. She doesn’t care what anybody thinks, she does her thing and it comes across as so genuine and sincere. So when she posted this hilarious pic of herself at the gym lifting weights, I think EVERYONE could relate. Her face explains everything. I mean, really, who actually LIKES lifting weights? And the photo simply had the caption “Toronto, ON / Oct 4.”


That wasn’t the first time she showed a pic of herself at the gym. Here’s one from January:


We feel your pain, Adele. We feel your pain.

It’s kind of refreshing to see these real gym pics as opposed to the fake, photoshopped ones other celebs post!

Keep on keeping on, Adele, and keep posting those epic gym pics!

Photos via Instagram / adele