Adidas have just released a pair of Barf and beer repellent shoes

Clearly, Adidas is running out of ideas

The geniuses at Adidas have just brought out a pair of shoes that can repel barf and beer!

So you can wear them to the pub/party/frosh week or Oktoberfest without any fear that some a-hole will accidentally spill their pint over them or puke on them…

The Adidas München has been made in Germany just ahead of the beer fest and they’ve got some charming Oktoberfest-esque design features, including:

The shoe has lederhosen-inspired embroidery, gingham lining. (inner lining with red/white Micro-check tablecloth for that special alpine flavour) and the word “Prost” (german for Cheers) inscribed on them…

It’s coated in ‘DPBR’ – ‘durable puke and beer repellent’ – keeping them safe, whatever the spillage.

And in slightly related news, a German man has broken the world record for most beers carried!