Adult Shop Is Giving Away “Side Kicks” To Women To Motivate Them To Vote!

Plus you’ll get a sticker that says “I Came & I Voted.”

An Adult shop owner, Billy McWilliams from Bozeman, Montana has come up with a patriotic promotion to encourage women to vote in the upcoming election. 


In an effort to inspire civic duty while also inspiring gender equality in the bedroom, McWilliams will give away 2,200 red, white, and blue vibrators to American women who pledge to vote on November 3rd.  


The side kicks would usually cost a gal $12.95 and are describes as small and powerful and requires just one triple-A battery!



14% of women in the United States have never experienced an O, according to a few surveys.

“Out of every three orgasms, men have two and women only have one. We have a fixable problem,” says the shop owner.