Affordable Ways To Refresh Your Home Decor

Don't Break The Bank

Winter is here, and it’s easy to fall in to a bit of a funk when the weather changes. One way to break out of that is to give your home decor a bit of a refresh! It doesn’t have to cost a lot – a little goes a long way!

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Swap Your Scent

This is a small change that will make a huge difference. Swap out your candle, wax warmer or air freshener for a new scent and you’ll be surprised at how it changes the way you feel about your home.


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Change Your Frames

Another incredibly simple and affordable change, but again it will make a world of difference. Update both the photos you have up on the wall, or change the frames for different styles, shapes and colours. You can sometimes find great frames at places like Value Village for a fraction of the price!


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Get Some New Plants

There’s nothing quite like a plant or some flowers to freshen up a room. Getting a new bouquet on the regular isn’t exactly cost effective, but it sure is beautiful. Succulents are another option that are low cost and low maintenance.


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Refresh Your Window Coverings

Whether you’re a drapes or blinds kind of person, this is another small change that can completely transform the look and feel of a room.


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Pick Out Some New Pillows

Tired of looking at the same old couch day in and day out, but a new one isn’t in the budget? Changing the slip covers on your throw pillows is a great, inexpensive way to update your decor seasonally. Pillows these days come in all kinds of fun, different designs so you’re sure to find some that fit your style.


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Visit Unique Local Shops in Barrie

There are lots of unique shops in and around Barrie where you can find some incredible deals to refresh your home decor.  To name a few:

When All Else Fails…DIY

Sick of your headboard? Get some fabric and re-cover it! Tired of your table? Paint it a different colour! You’d be amazed how a coat of paint and some imagination can transform an old item in your home. A little hard work can go a long way in updating your home decor, and it won’t put (too big of a dent) in your wallet.


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