Alberta Woman Snaps Amazing Tornado Photo

Husband was staying calm and carrying on!

Theunis Wessels, from Three Hills Alberta, has become a bit of a social media star thanks to an incredible photo his wife snapped on Friday, June 2nd.

A tornado was passing about 2km from their house while her husband mowed the lawn. She was actually woken up by her daughter who saw what was going on a was worried that her dad wouldn’t stop mowing. Cecilia told the BBC that her husband was “fully aware” of the twister but “wasn’t worried at all”.  She suspects that part of his calm came from recently attending  a seminar organised by a storm-chasing association.

This is an amazing photo but, for goodness sakes! If a tornado is in your area, go inside, close your windows and wait for the all clear.
According to what I could find online, tornadoes can move about 56km/h meaning almost a kilometre a minute.  Theunis knew the tornado was moving away from them but, if it weren’t, it could have been there at their place in 2 minutes.

Cool pic, but play it safe if a tornado comes near your house, ok?

Photo courtesy of Cecilia Wessels