Alcohol Mist Is The New Way To Get Drunk- Fast

Remember when spiked jello was most creative way kids got drunk in the 90s.

Oh, the things you can do with Vodka.  From Spiked watermelon to vodka soaked gummy bears- but now people have been inhaling vodka from balloons. Wait, what?

There are bars in the U.K. that are now offering you the chance to get your very own balloon filled with gaseous vodka which you can then inhale and get drunk very quickly.

According to the article from,

“The way it works is a machine vaporizes the vodka and turns it into a gas which you can then carry around with you in a little balloon.”

The Balloon is said to get you drunk quickly but also wears off after 20 minutes.  Experts warn- that this practise is risky…