Alex Trebek Has Made His Peace With His Cancer

He doesn't want to burden his family

Alex says he won’t take ‘extraordinary measures’ to survive if cancer treatment fails.


Alex is currently undergoing an experimental immunotherapy for stage four pancreatic cancer and the doctors are amazed at how well the treatment is going.


Trebek was on Good Morning America and said that he is making plans for the worst-case scenario to allow his family time to accept and process it.


“They handled it beautifully,” he said. “They understand that there is a certain element regarding the quality of life. And if the quality of life is not there – it’s hard sometimes to push and just say, ‘Well, I’m gonna keep going even though I’m miserable’.”


Alex says he doesn’t want to be a burden on his wife of 30 years. Trebek says he will host Jeopardy for as long as possible.