Algonquin Park’s Spectacular Fall Colours Are Arriving

Many trees are already showing colour

Canada’s oldest Provincial Park attracts thousands of people from all over this time of year.

Fall Season offers an incredible and even breathtaking landscape of colour across Algonquin Park.

The current “Fall Colour Report” for Algonquin: The crowns of many trees are showing some colour (faint red or orange) and some individual trees have already changed completely, green is still the dominant colour.


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Next Destination: Algonquian National Park, Ontario. Met up with friends from Toronto for our last camping trip of the year and in what better fashion than portage camping. Portage or portaging is the practice of carrying water craft or cargo over land, either around an obstacle in a river, or between two bodies of water. It was the latter in our case where we carried our canoes for a total of 1 km as well as pedalled for a total of two hours. It was a brutal workout but the reward was worth it. A super secluded and private campsite all to ourselves. We all had a blast especially @kirasuleiman. Kira learned how to swim and by the end of the trip was a natural in the outdoors. Think we’ll make this an annual trip. Any takers? 🛶

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Over the next month cars will be lined up all along Hwy 60 outside Algonquin and at the main gates every weekend by visitors ready to observe and capture glimpses.

The beautiful weather this week provided an excellent chance to enjoy a peaceful Algonquin Park while most are saving Holidays for winter time vacations.