All That Time You Spend On Your Phone Is Making Your Fur Babies Sad!


What do your dog and phone have in common?  They both have collar I.D.

There are many warnings about spending too much time on your phone.  You’ll develop tech neck, it causes loneliness, you’re missing out of real life!

If these reasons aren’t enough make you spend less time online, perhaps this will.  According to an expert, spending too much time on your phone is making your dog sad!

Its ruff on your fur baby.

You are damaging your emotional bond with your dog making your pooch feel lonely and isolated and this can lead to doggy depression and behavioural issues.  When your dog is looking for love- they aren’t just hounding you.

The experts says all that time on your phone affects your dog more than cats because dogs are pack animals and look to their humans for leadership and contact.  This isn’t far-fetched!

Your dog needs constant feedback and interaction- much like children.  So when your dog looks up at you with those adorable puppy eyes- put down the phone and rug their tummies.