Almost A Quarter Of Adults Admit They Are Addicted To Online Shopping And Here’s Why!

I Love the UPS Truck!

A study says that 82% of us enjoy shopping for things on the internet because it’s easier to find what you want and you can keep track of your spending.  More than half of us get excited when the doorbell rings on the delivery day!


We enjoy it more than a zoom call with friends and family.  The study also found the average adult will buy seven items online every month – more than double the three products bought a month in 2019.


And 52 percent acknowledged that they’ve had more home deliveries in 2020 – as a result of online shopping – compared to previous years.  Games consoles and toys are among some of the items people have bought more online in the last six months than they did previously.


Top 10 reasons We like online shopping:

1. It’s easier to find what you want

2. There’s more variety online

3. You can do it in little bursts – so you don’t have to go on a long shopping trip

4. It’s easier to track spending

5. It’s a good way to treat yourself

6. It makes it more exciting when you wait for a parcel

7. You like getting mail

8. You can do it while you’re at work

9. It puts you in a good mood

10. It’s more fun