Almost Half Of People Steal Food From Others At Work!

The struggle is real! People steal!

A new survey found 41% of us have had food stolen by a co-worker before and 25% say that they have had their lunch stolen straight from the office microwave!  With that, 60% of those people said they’ve had to confront a colleague about stealing their food.

This begs the question, what are the most common or most popular foods that people like to steal?

The top ten foods that get stolen at work are chips, fruit, candy, coffee, juice, milk, bread, ice cream, bagged lunch meat, and nuts.

But its not just co-workers stealing your food.  According to this survey, its your partner who steals your food the most followed by your friends.  Co-workers are third on this list! And the average person has food stolen three times per week!  And one in ten admit to literally stealing candy from a baby! 

In an effort to not have your food stolen, people have go to great lengths to hide their it.  The most creative or weirdest places that people have hidden their food; 

The washing machine, in the oven, in the back of their toilet, down in their couch cushions, inside a box of tampons, and outside, in a hole they dug in the snow.