Alternate Greetings To Hugging During Self Isolation! Things Only People Who Hate Hugs Know!

There are some people out there, Charlie included- who just don’t do hugs. 

For us, it’s a torture device encouraged only to uphold social norms, and not for anyone’s actual enjoyment.  For non huggers, it’s a travesty that society hasn’t yet found a replacement for hugging-until now.

Only when we’re faced with a world-wide pandemic are the non huggers of the world getting their moment of peace.  No longer are hugger haters treated like weirdos and emotionally closed off monsters with intimacy issues…

For those who like hugs, but can no longer practise due to social distancing, might we suggest some things that only non-huggers get.

For example:

A wave is considered a perfectly acceptable greeting…(no touching)   No longer can your friends force you to hug even though they know you hate it…

No more double cheek kisses, which are just as bad as hugs!  Instead- have a glass of wine ready to raise and salute like you’re about to cheers another!

The dance in one spot greeting!  Yes, this is a thing!  While you may feel a little stupid giving your hips a little shake without Shakira blaring in the background- it’s better than awkward contact.

Faking a cold is no longer an out to avoid hugs.  During these times, the fear that you or others may have the virus is enough to keep people at bay…


Here are a few other things you can try instead of hugging.


The Wakanda Salute!

The Vulcan Salute- Spock had it right all along!

The Revangers Salute- taking your right hand with a balled fist and patting your heart!

The Air High Five “From The Office”

The Han Solo Salute!