Amazon’s Alexa Will Help You Change Subjects to Avoid Family Arguments on Christmas

Alexa is coming to your rescue this holiday season.

Amazon’s smart speakers have a new feature called “distraction technique,” which means the virtual assistant will intervene when things get a little heated during the holidays.

In short, Alexa will be on hand and ready to break up any arguments that break out over Christmas dinner if you say this simple phrase: “Alexa, change the subject

Once you utter those 4 magical words, Alexa will obey and attempt to break the tensions and spark a new debate by asking questions like “Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?” or “what would your superpower be and why?”

Alexa is equipped with a variety of topic-changers including: “Do you have a celebrity crush? Who is it? And why?” and “Pineapple on pizza was the greatest culinary development of the 20th century. Discuss…”

The idea came to google when research found that many family arguments break out around 6:30pm on Christmas Day.

According to Amazon, the biggest arguments revolve around money, what to watch on TV, bad behaviour, or someone being a sore loser after a Christmas game.  Other reasons include bad gifts, relationships, television spoilers (rude!), and who has to clean up after Christmas dinner.