Amy Schumer’s “I Feel Pretty” Trailer Pulled From a BC Cineplex

The “I Feel Pretty” trailer isn’t sitting pretty with one BC dad.

Mike Mitchell is calling on theatres to ensure that family-friendly movies are not spoiled before they start after an uncomfortable outing with his daughter!

Mike, his wife and nine-year-old went to the movies to see a Vancouver-shot drama about a girls volleyball team. Prior to their movie, the “I feel pretty” trailer ran leaving Mike feeling horrified!

Schumer’s new movie is out April 20th! The comedy is about an insecure woman, who after suffering a head injury, believes she has been transformed into a would-be model. The trailer also shows Schumer shimmying on stage as she partakes in a wet T-shirt contest.

Cineplex responded to Mitchell’s concerns by removing the “I Feel Pretty” trailer from the lineup for the G-rated “The Miracle Season” at the seven B.C. theatres screening the movie.