An 82-Year-Old Scottish Women Has Been Blasting Her Music To Annoy Her Neighbours…

Can't we all just get along?

We’ve all heard of those awful Neighbour stories… Everyone has had a bad neighbour or knows someone who has.

This Story comes from Elrick, Scotland where 82-Year-old Stella Masson had a falling out with her next door neighbour.

So Stella started TORTURING the family by blasting her music at all hours. Specifically, music from the 1920’s and there’s one song in particular called “The Laughing Policeman” By Charles Jolly!

Cops finally showed up to deal with the situation after the Neighbours complains for almost a year and found Stella had her speakers pointed directly at the neighbours house and she was wearing earplugs!

Anyway, after two years of blasting her music, she was finally arrested last year on a charge of engaging in a course of conduct to cause fear or alarm.  And she pled guilty in court this week . . . and was fined $585.  She has also moved to a different part of Scotland.


The moral of the story is be nice to your neighbours or you could end up like this!