An Act Of Terror, An Act Of Hate

Orlando nightclub gunman pledged allegiance to ISIS; had expressed anger against homosexuals

U.S. President Barack Obama calls it an act of terror, an act of hate. Fifty people were killed, more than 50 others wounded, in an attack early Sunday at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Here’s what we know about the gunman: he was born in America to Afghan parents, at one time wanted to be a police officer, that he had called 911 after yesterday’s assault began pledging allegiance to ISIS, his ex-wife says he had, in the past, expressed anger toward homosexuals. Records show he had bought the weapons he used in the attack within the past week. The FBI confirms it had interviewed the gunman, who died in a shootout with police at the club, on three occasions because his name came up in connection with two cases. That information would not have shown up on a gun purchase background check because the cases had been closed.

photo courtesyGreg’s Southern Ontario (catching Up Slowly) via Flickr