An Italian food theme park is opening in November!

It’s been there for us through the lowest points and our happiest highs.

Pasta is comforting. It’s sensual.

Finally, there’s a place where we can go to fully celebrate pasta and all its delights and complex carbohydrates!

Eataly – the Italian restaurant and market that serves up incredible cheese, pizza, and pasta in New York – is opening a full on theme park dedicated entirely to Italian food.

Eataly World will open in November in Bologna, Italy, and will be made up of more than thirty restaurants, a huge food market, and a load of ‘multimedia experiences’ based on all things food.

Basically, if you love Italian food and want to immerse yourself in the world of pasta, this is the place to be.

It’s not just about filling yourself with copious amounts of carbs, to be clear.

Rather than roller coasters and spinning meatballs, there’ll be farms and factories you can visit to watch Italian food getting made, or learn about the process of making olive oil.

You’ll get to see the cows that produce the milk to make your cheese!