Andrew Lloyd Webber Volunteers For COVID Vaccine Trial

As the world continues to wait for a vaccine, human trials are now underway around the world.

While the majority of people are waiting for the approved vaccine, it appears that composer Andrew Lloyd Webber isn’t waiting. 


In fact, in a new social media post over the weekend, the legendary musician revealed that he himself volunteered for one of the many COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials currently taking place around the world.


The instagram post Webber shared shows the 72-year-old getting a shot as part of the University of Oxford trial, revealing that he will do anything to help return the world to normalcy.


According to recent research published in the medical journal The Lancet, the vaccine that Lloyd Webber has received, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, is “extremely promising” as well as “safe” and “induces strong immune responses.” It is actually made from a virus that causes the common cold in chimpanzees. Then, scientists reengineered it to have more of a coronavirus structure and so that it wouldn’t harm humans. The UK government has already ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine.


As a result of this pandemic, theatres have been closed around the world and are not expected to reopening until 2021.