Andrew Lloyd Webber Wants Us to Sing This Song

And Guess Who Joined in!

Schools are closed and we are staying away from each other to keep each other safe. I love that so many musicians are offering their talent online as a way to bring us together. Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is one of those artists offering us a way to pass our time and connect.

He posted a video of him playing the piano track to a song from one of my favourite musicals, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.


And, guess who joined in?

Joseph himself!

I know Donny Osmond had a great career as a teenage hearthrob singing with his brothers and hosting a TV show with his sister far before my time. But, to me, he will always be “Joseph”. I saw him perform in Toronto in Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s  wonderful musical in the mid-90’s and I was in love! I listened to that sound track so much that my brothers had to hide the cassette tape on me.  I used to dream that I was in the children’s choir on stage.

I’ve heard recordings of someone of the other “Josephs” and they just doesn’t sound right. To me, it’s as though Webber wrote the music for Donny Osmond to sing and he does it to perfection.


Anyway, enough fan-girling!

I love this!


Donny Osmond’s soundbooth is so much more comfortable than mine!
I joined in, even though it is not a good key for my voice! (the lows are too low but it would be too high if I jumped up an octave).

Let me see yours!