Ankle Weights Are Cool Again!

And We Have Instagram To Thank!

Trends from the 80’s & 90’s continue to make a comeback. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen the triumphant return of high-waisted mom jeans, scrunchies and tie-dye.


Now a popular fitness trend has returned!  Ankle weights have re-emerged as the latest “It” accessory.  When you think about it, the ankle weights are the perfect accessory for socially distant walks and at-home workouts.


Thanks to instagram and a few influencers, Google searches for ankle weights have nearly tripled since this time last year.  Many celebrities including James Franco have been photographed around LA wearing wrist and ankle weights!

The cool new weights to buy are by Bala, a lifestyle brand that launched in 2018.  It got a boost this February when the founders appeared on “Shark Tank” and scored a nearly $1 million investment from tennis star Maria Sharapova and entrepreneur Mark Cuban.


The Bala weights can be worn on ankles or wrist and retail for $49. If you’re hoping to buy a pair, they are currently on back-order until August!


Fitness experts say incorporating ankle weights into your daily routine has real benefits, as adding 1 to 2-pound weights can increase your heart rate by 30 percent!

The weights can also strengthen upper back muscles to improve poor posture.