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Kool Night With Katie

Hey I’m Katie! Let’s get real, I could tell you where I’ve worked and what inspires me (it’s Pinterest, even though it’s also the worst) but let’s get down to what counts. I’m a foodie, and by foodie I mean a borderline unhealthy relationship with snacks. Does it crunch? Can I dip it? If either of those are yes… I’m more than likely going to chow down.

What can you expect from me on Kool FM between 7 and midnight? Weirdness, and not like Dexter weird or anything, but things that are quirky and peak my interest I’ll likely share with you on the air and on our social pages.

You can see what else I’m up to outside of the KOOL FM studios on Twitter and on Instagram. Or you can always email me if it’s really important!