Another Reason to Get Disney + If You’re On The Fence!

And Disney Rules the World!

For the first time Disney has overtaken Netflix in the Streaming World and they’ve only been playing the streaming game for a couple of weeks.

In just a few short weeks, Disney’s original series “The Mandalorian” has topped the list of most-streamed TV series State side. It has actually beat out Stranger Things from Netflix!


For the week of November 17 to November 23, “The Mandalorian” received 100 million demand expressions, which is the audience measurement being used to express the total desire, engagement.


In contrast, the Netflix ‘Stranger Things” had 81 million demand expressions. This is the first time in 21 weeks that “Stranger Things” did not hold down the top spot.


Since Disney + launches November 12th, they have received 10 million subscribers so far…