Arby’s Introduces “Megetables”- Meat That Looks Like Vegetables!

If Veggies can look like meat, than meat can look like veggies!

In response to The Meatless burger craze, Arby’s introduces “Megetables”- meat that looks like vegetables!

So many restaurants are jumping aboard the plant-based food train, but not Arby’s.

The fast food chain, known for its very meaty sandwiches has come up with its own initiative…

Arby’s has unveiled the Marrot!

Instead of turning plants into meat, Arby’s is turning meat into vegetables.

And their first creation, a turkey-based carrot called the Marrot.

According to the company, the Megetable has the same vitamins of a raw carrot and the same look of a raw carrot, but is not a raw carrot.

It also touts 30 grams more protein and contains 70 percent of your recommended Vitamin A.  Just like the beyond meat burger that looks like meat but isn’t- Arby’s Marrot looks like an actual carrot- but isn’t!

Though it’s not currently available on menus, Arby’s is hoping to introduce the Megetable eventually.