Are ‘Asymmetrical Jeans’ the Next Denim Trend?

You can thank Celine Dion

At first glance, I’m thinking somebody at the denim factory made a huge mistake.

Asymmetrical, by definition perfectly describes this look.

Boldly designed by Ksenia Schnaider, but it wasn’t until Celine Dion stepped out in a pair that everyone took notice of a new denim movement.

Mismatched denim is said to be the upcoming 2020 trend. Skinny and wide.

Denim has really taken a backseat in the last decade.


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OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER MODE soon will be presented at @pittimmagine & @dear_progress 🕹 #kseniaschnaider #demidenims

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Maybe this will help jeans become relevant again? Straight and flared or even different colours.


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The fruit is ripe 🍉🍑🍓💦 Blue&white jeans are available to preorder on

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I’ll be sticking to my trusty Levi’s Jeans though.