Are We Boiling Eggs All Wrong?

Who doesn’t love hacks that make life easier!

A man posted how he boils his eggs and now I can’t wait to go home and try it!  The technique involves placing eggs inside a kettle filled with water and letting it boil.

It was shared by Stephen, a Sydney resident, on Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits. 

Stephen’s kettle is see-through glass so it won’t pick up an egg smell/flavour. Plastic kettle owners: try at your own risk!

Does it really work? Yes, but not if you just let the kettle boil and take out the eggs. You need to leave the eggs in the kettle for about 10 minutes with the lid on for a hard-boiled egg. You might want to press the button on a couple times since, unlike a pot with a lid, the heat is escaping from the spout. If you like the yolk softer, leave it in for a shorter time. If you want PERFECT cold hard-boiled eggs, put the eggs in an ice bath after their time in the kettle and you won’t have any unsightly gray around the yolk.

If you LOVE hardboiled eggs, here’s a video that explains a bit of the science behind it and why the eggs are so hard to peel sometimes. You can extrapolate to kettle-boiled eggs. Enjoy!