Don't water down your soap!

There’s a difference between being FRUGAL and being CHEAP.  Being frugal is a good thing and a sign you’re responsible and smart.  Being cheap is more of a personality flaw that makes people not want to hang out with you.


A new survey asked people if different ways we save money are frugal or cheap.  Here are some highlights . . .


1.  Not taking your turn to buy everyone a round of drinks is . . . CHEAP.


2.  Buying generic food products, like Flakes with Frosting, is . . . FRUGAL.


3.  Re-gifting is . . . CHEAP.


4.  Watering down the soap in your soap dispensers is . . . CHEAP.


5.  Not blasting the air conditioning right now is . . . FRUGAL.


6.  Only tipping the minimum amount, whether it’s 15 to 20 percent, regardless of how good the service was is . . . CHEAP.


7.  Trying to find deals or coupons for everything you buy is . . . FRUGAL.


8.  Eating expired food is . . . CHEAP.


9. Clothing shopping at a secondhand store…FRUGAL


According to the survey, the average person becomes frugal at the age of 31.