Are You Ready For The Thaw?

South Simcoe Police offer these tips

South Simcoe Police with a reminder that with the sunshine and above zero temperatures this weekend and existing open areas of water, ice conditions on local waterways could deteriorate rapidly. Clear blue ice is safest; avoid areas of grey ice. Check with local fish hut operators before venturing out.

Watch for runoff in ditches and streams, which could lead to rushing water. Children are often drawn to flowing water. Remind your kids to stay away; even a few inches of water can kill. Hypothermia will set in quickly in cold melted snow.

Don’t let kids tunnel in snowbanks. Fluctuations in temperature can cause collapse of snowbanks. A child trapped in a collapsed snow fort can suffocate in minutes.

And, if you’re hitting the road, be sure to top up your wiper fluid. Glare from the sun coupled with dirt and grime on your windshield can hinder visibility.