What's your morning routine like?

A new survey asked people about their morning habits, so you can see if you’re normal, or not.  And here are some of the results . . .


1.  87% wake up to an alarm, 13% do not.


2.  85% use their phone as an alarm clock.  6% use a regular alarm clock, and 2% are still rocking a sweet clock radio.


3.  59% say the first thing they do in the morning is check their phone.


4.  36% have breakfast every day, 55% have breakfast sometimes, and 19% never have it.


5.  Only 25% make their bed every morning.


6.  Only 25% shower every single morning.  44% shower at night, and 31% say they sometimes shower in the morning but sometimes skip it.


7.  Only 17% get out of bed immediately when they wake up without lying around for a while.


8.  And 13% lay out their clothes for the day the night before.