Are Your Zoom Meetings Getting Boring? Invite A Llama Or Goat Into Your Next Meeting!

Jeff the llama is ready for his meeting!

For under $100, you can invite a furry friend thanks to a California farm who came up with this new way for isolated workers to spice up those video chats…. Nate Salpeter, co-founder of Sweet Farms says, “Sometimes people just want to watch a cow eat grass.”


That’s why they introduced Goat 2 Meeting Initiative.  For just $65, Zoomers,  can enjoy the company of a goat, sheep, pig, cows, turkeys and a llama…

Sweet Farm also offers 20-25 minute virtual private tours for up to $250 “to show you and your co-workers around the farm!” per the brand’s website.


Tech entrepreneurs Salpeter and Anna Sweet co-founded Sweet Farm in 2016 as a way to promote the humane treatment of animals rescued from the stockyards. These animals “help educate farm visitors around issues related to animal welfare, factory farming, and sustainability,” according to


In this new life of self-isolation, Sweet Farm had to adjust their business model to this new reality by offering up virtual tours of the farm and of course a meeting with a goat!