Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jamie Lee Curtis In Talks Over ‘True Lies’ Reboot

This time is would be a TV series!

Back in 1994 the actors played husband and wife in the action comedy. The film followed a secret agent who allows his wife to participate in a spy mission after he fears she is having an affair.

According to, Arnie and Jamie are in talks to play Harry and Helen Tasker in the Disney+ series based on James Cameron’s flick.

It is reported that the pair will have recurring parts in the first season and are not expected to have a major role in the show.

Jamie previously suggested that the movie could never have a sequel as the 9/11 attacks in New York in 2001 meant it was inappropriate to spoof terrorism in a movie.

Despite her opposition to a follow-up film, Jamie believes that Helen Tasker was one of the best characters of her career and praise Cameron for the project.