Arnold took an epic shoot at Trump on twitter

Ellen broke her finger doing what? Demi Lovato pics leaked online...

Arnold took a shoot at Trump yesterday in a twitter message…The Terminator took to social media to criticize the president’s approval ratings a few weeks after Trump slamed Schwarzenegger’s Celebrity Apprentice ratings.  Schwarzenegger posted a video on Twitter referencing a new Gallup poll that showed Trump’s approval rating at 39 per cent, down 6 points from a week earlier.  Schwarzenegger tells Trump, “The ratings are in and you got swamped.” Schwarzenegger also criticized Trump’s proposed budget cuts, including to after-school programs.


Ellen broke her finger doing what?

Ellen Degeneres is using her platform to raise awareness to a very, very special group of people: LIGHTWEIGHTS.  It’s safe to say that Ellen’s a lightweight. After having 2 glasses of wine, she fell into a door and broke her finger. She was then sent to the hospital at UCLA, and doctors snapped her finger right back into place.


Demi Lovato pics leaked online

A photo of Demi Lovato with her top unzipped and lying on a bed has been leaked online…The image has been circulating for the past few days on a number of adult websites…Three years ago Lovato had nude photos of her self and images of her and boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama lying in bed together leaked online ….