Ashley Madison Has Released Its Annual Discreet New Dating Terms For 2021!

They are defining the current state of extramarital affairs!

These new terms are confidential code words describing the secret lives of cheating husbands and wives.


The full list includes 10 new and timely terms for cheaters and it spells out the current state of extramarital affairs during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Spousally-Distanced– the state of being a safe distance away from your spouse in order to virtually communicate with an affair partner
  2. Zoom Boom– to engage in virtual sex with an affair partner, specifically over Zoom
  3. Mutual Maskerbation– in which two people masturbate together while wearing face masks
  4. Vaccidating– to date only those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine
  5. Lifting the Veil– to see your affair partner without a face mask for the first time
  6. Apocalust– brought on by the pandemic, the desire to engage in an in-person affair with a neighbor or coworker and thus increase the chances of being caught and ending a marriage/career
  7. Smoke Signals– discreet virtual methods of communication between affair partners
  8. Stockpiling–  to assemble a selection of sex partners for after the pandemic
  9. Masked Rider– one who engages in numerous affairs or “gets around” despite COVID-19
  10. Stray-At-Home Order–  the urge to have a virtual affair while confined to the home during the lockdown


Ashley Madison found that married people often seek support from someone other than their spouse in times of high stress in its ‘Love Beyond Lockdown’ report.