“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Agree Or Not, Here Are Some Ridiculous Things That Have Been Banned

I'm more offended that I must have clean-shaven Legs in New Mexico at all times!

“Baby it’s cold outside” has been pulled from two major radio companies in this country after complaints started to surface in the States over inappropriate lyrics in the wake of the #MeTooMovement.  The song was written back in 1944… “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” has been considered a holiday classic ever since it won the Academy Award for best original song in the film “Neptune’s Daughter.”  Concern over the song has existed for years, leading to many reinterpretations of the lyrics.  Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt flipped the gender roles in a performance for the pop singer’s 2013 holiday special with the Muppets.

Having said that, trying to put this into perspective; do kids really analyze music?  We only get Christmas music for such a short time during the year that Children appear to just enjoy the music that comes with the holiday season…

We found some other things that are banned that are totally ridiculous!

Kinder Eggs

-Fear of kids choking


It comes down to fear of bacteria- Brie cheese and other cheeses for that matter that have not be aged more than 60 days is banned… Cheese sold in the US must be made with pasteurized milk.

Waking up a sleeping bear

In Alaska, you can’t shoot bears or wake them up to take pictures

Selling dog hair

Being annoying on the internet

-In 2006 ex-president George W. Bush signed into law a prohibition on posting annoying online messages or sending annoying e-mail messages without revealing your true identity.

Having Smelly breath

In Indiana there’s a law that doesn’t allow you to attend a public event or be on public transit with smelly breath

Hairy women

In New Mexico, it is forbidden for women to appear unshaven in public. It doesn’t specify which parts have to be clean-shaven, but an odd ban nevertheless.

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