Baby Shark Cereal


For over 30 years a stretch of Summer spanning 7 days and over 20 hours of TV content has been devoted to the mysterious creatures that patrol the deepest depths of the ocean; beginning Sunday it’s Shark Week!

There is one song that can make any parent with little children, (like myself) roll their eyes uncontrollably, that song is “Baby Shark.” It has now been viewed on Youtube over 3.1 billion times.

In celebration of Shark Week and the irritating success of the Baby Shark phenomenon, a new cereal from Kellogg’s has been introduced.

The Baby Shark Cereal will soon be exclusively available at Sam’s Club, then later at Walmart, for a limited time. The flavour is “Berry Fin-tastic,” and the blue, red, and yellow cereal rounds come mixed with marshmallows. Sounds like a mash-up between Froot Loops and Lucky Charms, good luck saying NO in the cereal aisle if your kids lay eyes on this one!