Bad Bosses Have 2 In 5 Canadians Quitting Their Jobs, According To A New Survey

39% say they had to quit a job because of bad management

A new survey released Tuesday has found that a lot of Canadians have resigned due to horrible bosses.

The survey was conducted on behalf of staffing firm Robert Half with 400 randomly selected full-  and part-time Canadian office workers surveyed during the month of April.

Some reasons that people leave due to bad bosses include:

  • A bad boss is generally tough to reach. Employees often need quick input and decisions from leaders to move forward with projects. Staff who can’t count on a timely reply are likely to be continually frustrated and may eventually seek greener pastures.
  • A bad boss micromanages everyone. Bosses who require constant updates and give overly detailed directions on how work should be done can exasperate employees. It also shows workers that you don’t believe they can make good decisions on their own. Managers who demonstrate trust in their employees and give them breathing room often have better staff retention.
  • A bad boss leaves the managing to others. Those managers on the other end of the scale — the ones who provide vague direction or leave tough decisions to other people all the time — are another reason why good employees leave. Workers want a leader who leads and offers insight they may not have, not someone who just occupies an office.
  • Other factors include: A mad schedule, too many meets, lack of feedback, and bosses ignoring toxic employees…