Banana Rotting In A Desk Drawer! What Foods Were Left Behind At The Office?


Millions of people around the world suddenly stopped working from their office and were forced to stay home in early March, which now begs the question- what perishable foods were left behind?


Can you image what might be growing things in the staff fridge or even worse, what if a banana was left behind in a desk drawer.

Gag me with a spoon!


The topic is now being talked about as a woman from the UK tweeted out concern over a nine-week old banana she had forgotten to take home when she left her office.


Mhairi-Louise Brennan, of Glasgow, Scotland, had an anxiety-riddled realization Tuesday that she left the fruit inside a desk drawer for safekeeping — before the coronavirus pandemic brought work to a halt for her employer.


This must be driving you bananas, one person joked in response to the tweet!