Barrie Adopts Climate Change Strategy

Strategy Guides How Barrie Adapts to a Changing Climate

Barrie City Hall has given the initial thumbs up to a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, detailing how Barrie plans to adapt to a changing climate. Barrie’s Risk Management Official Scott Drewette stopped by in early February as the strategy was being crafted, to explain what they will have to adapt to in Barrie as the climate changes.

He says one of the things the city has to plan for is better storm water infrastructure.

Drewette points out that, while lessening the effects of climate change would be ideal, preparing for the worst is just good planning.

The Climate Change Adaptation Strategy also focuses on food security, urban agriculture, active transportation, and energy management, among other issues. The strategy was given initial approval at Monday night’s meeting, while city council is expected rubber stamp the decision at next week’s City Hall meeting.