Barrie Colts’ Mascots Have Competition!

#HerotheHedgehog Has Got The Moves

The Barrie Colts have two pretty cool mascots: Charlie Horse and Charlie Colt.

Photo by Ryan Tir via Flickr

At Kool FM, we LOVE our hometown mascots. But what if we told you that these two mascots had competition from across the pond? I’m not horsin’ around.

Hero the Hedgehog, the official mascot of the 2017 IAAF World Championships in London, England has had crowds in stitches for the past week. His list of skills includes:

Somersaults. So. Many. Somersaults.

Holding Signs. And Tripping.

Slip N’ Slide Extreme.

The Balance Beam.

Helping Catering Out.

Now, the Barrie Colts pre-season opener is Monday, September 4th against the Owen Sound Attack, so our two beloved mascots have a few weeks to prepare themselves for competition.

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