Barrie Finalizes Budget, Comes With A Nearly $120 Yearly Increase

3.09 Per Cent Increase To Property Taxes In 2017 Budget

After plenty of number crunching, Barrie City Hall has given the final thumbs up to this year’s budget. Your municipal property taxes are going up 3.09 per cent this year, which balances out to an average $119 per year increase on your property tax bill. That number was slightly lower going into the meeting; council passed a few last minute motions additions and subtractions from the budget. This year, tax dollars will go towards a new security guard for City Hall, and a new downtown sidewalk plow, along with a last minute $80,000 addition for traffic calming measures to be installed across the city. A chunk of the budget goes towards infrastructure such as road maintenance, and operating costs. This year’s taxpayer supported operating budget is approximately $223 million, while the capital budget will cost around $111 million.