Barrie Keeps AA Credit Rating

Standard & Poor's Points To Strong Economy

The City of Barrie points to its strong economy as the main reason for its stellar credit rating. Announced today, Standard & Poor’s is maintaining Barrie’s ‘AA’ rating in its annual issuance.  “S&P’s ‘AA’ credit rating confirms that Barrie’s economy is strong and will continue to support the future of our city. Council and City staff are dedicated to building a solid financial foundation and this rating shows that we have done just that in the eyes of the credit agencies,” says Mayor Jeff Lehman. “The City’s credit rating directly affects property taxes. Our budget process coupled with our long-term fiscal policies has helped maintain this solid credit rating, which means ultimately that our taxes are lower because of it.” This report is issued annually from S&P, a financial services company that offers services including credit ratings, data analysis and equity research to both the private and public sectors worldwide.