Barrie Man Claims He Found A Black Widow Spider In His Grapes

Lethal Animal Found In Fruit Packaging

Let’s just eaaaaase you into the week with this very chill, cool and fun news: an Ontario man says he found a female Black Widow Spider in a bag of grapes he purchased from a Loblaws.

In a post on Instagram, user Patrick shared photos of the deadly creature in a glass jar. He said he purchased the bag of grapes from the Loblaws on Bayfield St. in Barrie

“Yes, this is a Black Widow Spider (female). That we found inside a bag of red grapes which was purchased today at Loblaws on Bayfield,” he wrote. “Produce is from Mexico. Just a warning for people to watch out for this dangerous spider.”


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Black Widows are known for their colored, hourglass-shaped mark underside. They are extremely dangerous as their bites have been reported to be up to 15 times more lethal than that of a rattlesnake.

Not to freak you out or anything, but a simple Twitter search will show you that this kind of occurrence is not all that uncommon.


Next time you are buying grapes, give the package a thorough inspection. According to a similar investigation, if this happens to you, put the bag in the freezer immediately and contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.