Barrie Minor Baseball Association Opening Day

Saturday May 25, 2019

Opening Day for Jr. T-Ball to 13U (Peewee) at the Barrie Community Sports Complex

It is always a busy and hectic day, but also a lot of fun for the players!

A full schedule and map will be sent out to all coaches and division convenors in early May. They will also be posted online on this page once they are ready.

Here is some useful information:

  • Please print the map! Your coach will tell you where to meet when you arrive.
  • Coaches will run each station while their team is there. Teams should share the equipment that is provided.
  • 2-3 teams will move from station to station together.
  • Each station will last 15 minutes. There will be an air horn blast to signal moving to your next station.
  • Players should bring their helmet, baseball glove, and a bat if you have one.
  • Please be on time for pictures! Please respect the perimeter around the photographer’s area to keep things running smoothly.
  • Please stay and enjoy the day, even after your pictures are done.
  • Barrie Minor Baseball will have a table in the middle of the pinwheel where players can exchange unworn/unused pants for a different size. Please understand that if pants are worn, we cannot exchange them. Try the pants on BEFORE Opening Day, and have your player wear different pants until you are able to complete the exchange. This is perfectly acceptable! We have a good supply of extras, but if we run out of a specific size we will order more in quickly.

Please enjoy the day and remember we are all volunteers trying to provide the best experience for the players. We hope your player has a fantastic time!

Any notices or changes for Opening Day due to INCLEMENT WEATHER will be tweeted and posted on the website home page.

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