Barrie Police Chief Had A Hand In New Federal Domestic Violence Framework

Initiative To Provide Better Services To Victims of Domestic Abuse

A new framework for how police deal with victims of domestic violence is being rolled out, and Barrie’s Police Chief played a part. It’s called The National Framework on Collaborative Police Action on Intimate Partner Violence, and was today announced at a New Brunswick news conference. The framework, a result of two years’ work, is designed to assist police to provide better service to victims of intimate partner violence. “A unified police response to intimate partner violence in Canada is critical,” says Chief Kimberley Greenwood of the Barrie Police Service and co-chair of the committee that brought forward the framework. “Over the last decade, we have seen a significant change in how police services respond. In our continued focus on intimate partner violence, we recognize safe communities begin with safe, interpersonal non-violent relationships.” Family violence accounts for more than a quarter of all police-reported violent crime across Canada.