Barrie Police Serve Up Annual Awards

Recognize bravery, exceptional achievements and the efforts of numerous citizens

Barrie Police handed out annual awards Thursday night. Shirley Hyrnyk received a Civilian Service Pin for her 35 years with the service. Life Saving Awards went to Constables Jonathan Watt and Erica Sinclair who rescued a suicidal male in March 2016. Members of the McGrath family (Kelcey, Lauren and Vince), who found a 71 year old woman sitting under a tree near their property early one morning last October, were also honoured. The woman was wearing no shoes, no jacket and was suffering from hypothermia.

Here’s the first list of award recipients:

Police Exemplary Service Medal
This medal is a national recognition for twenty years of exemplary service.The Police Exemplary Service Medal is issued by the Chancellor of Canadian Orders and Decorations, and is authorized by Her Majesty the Queen as a National Honour. In addition to their Exemplary Service Medals these recipients will be receiving congratulatory scrolls from The City of Barrie and the Federal and Provincial Government.

  • Inspector Rob Burke
  • Sergeant Patrick Brouillard 2. Sergeant Patrick Brouillard
  • Sergeant Andrew Butler
  • Sergeant Don Moore
  • D/Constable Chris Castonguay
  • D/Constable Anneli Farrell
  • Constable Karl Franke
  • Constable Brad Traves
  • Constable Duncan Watson

Police Exemplary Service Bar
This is awarded to members for each ten (10) year period of full-time service after being awarded the Exemplary Service Medal. This year’s recipients will be receiving their thirty year Exemplary Service Bar.

  • Inspector Paul McGarry
  • Staff Sergeant Thomas Sinclair
  • Constable Cameron Cooper
  • Staff Sergeant Mark Holden (retried)
  • Sergeant Gordon Speers (retired)

Civilian Service Pin
The Barrie Police Service pays tribute to the dedicated civilian members who play an indispensable role within the organization. Our civilian members provide critical and essential services; without these members our service could not accomplish its core business as effectively as it does. These pins are presented in five year increments.

  • Shirley Hrynyk              35 years
  • Mary Brown                   25 years
  • Iris Riviere                     25 years
  • Barbara Howse             20 years
  • Donna Borda                 15 years
  • Nancy Halas                  15 years
  • Heather McWhinnie    15 years
  • Jennifer Haenni           10 years
  • Marie McWilliams       10 years
  • Paula Curry                     5 years
  • Jennifer Desole-Paine  5 years
  • Brandon Scott                5 years
  • Canine Thor                   5 years

Formal Commendation Certificate
This award is to commend a member(s) for excellent work that goes beyond the normal or expected level of work performance.

  • Constable Geoff Allain
  • Constable Christopher Allport
  • Constable Brett Carleton
  • Constable Kurt Hemington
  • Constable Don Langdon
  • Constable Pat Morrow
  • Constable Avneet Singh
  • Constable Jonathan Watt
  • Constable Andrew Young
  • Constable Erica Sinclair
  • Christine Atkinson
  • Shirley Dunn
  • Dana Forrest
  • Tonya Kennedy
  • Melissa Nadeau

Award of Merit
This is awarded to a member(s) or citizen(s) in recognition of continuous and professional representation of the Barrie Police Service through voluntary participation with an organization, board, activity, etc.

  • Staff Sergeant Linda Moorhouse
  • Sergeant Susan Gillies

Citizen Award
This award is bestowed to a citizen(s) that has assisted and cooperated with the Barrie Police Service in such a manner that their actions merit special recognition.

  • Domenic Bianchi
  • Rudy Maset

Civilian Agency Award
This is awarded to a civilian agency, service club or to a member or citizen as authorized, by the Chief.

  • CARAH House

Chief of Police Award
This is awarded to a member(s) or citizen(s) for dedication and perseverance to a task that promotes the Barrie Police Service either internally or in the community.

  • Terry Leigh
  • Mari Sue Bachmeier
  • Stephen Bound
  • Julie Kumar
  • Sonja Verbeek

Life Saving Award
This is awarded to a member(s) or citizen(s) for an act that resulted in the rescue or the saving of a person’s life.

  • Constable Jonathan Watt
  • Constable Erica Sinclair
  • Kelcey McGrath
  • Lauren McGrath
  • Vince McGrath