Barrie Public Library Wants You To Feel Safer There

Library Hoping New Security Measures Can Be Included in 2018 Budget

The Barrie Public Library is hoping to step up security. Monday night’s council meeting saw representatives of the library present its case to include funds for new security measures to be included in its 2018 budget. The Library cites and increase of incidences reported from 115 in 2014, to 438 last year. Library CEO Marc Saunders says while they have just recently started tracking what kind of incidences these are, he’s noticed a common trend.

The library’s proposed budget is $7.75 million, a nearly 4% increase over last year, and includes an ask for $91,000 to pay for security personnel and a form of landscape design said to help deter these incidences. Saunders says there are other steps the library is taking.

The budget, along with two others presented Monday night, are now in the hands of city council and staff, who will pour over it in the coming days before preparing a municipal budget for 2018.