UPDATE: Barrie Putting the Brakes on Driving Instruction in Parts of Ward Seven

Resident Complaints Lead To Restriction


Barrie City Council has given final approval to restricting driving schools from using Brookwood Drive, Thrushwood Drive, Ramblewood Drive, Cranberry Lane, Blueberry Lane, Blackbird Lane, Megan Crescent and Bentley Crescent in the south end as a practice ground for students. Residents have complained of too many student drivers in the neighbourhood, which is also used by the local driver test centre. Letters will be sent to driving schools asking that they please refrain from using those streets and asking that signs be placed in driving school vehicles to indicate when it is being used for an actual test. Residents will be provided with ministry contact information for complaints relating to driving instructors doing training on the restricted streets.


Novice drivers won’t be able to keep their hands at ten and two in parts of Barrie’s Ward 7 once a new driving instruction restriction comes into effect. City Hall Monday night gave initial approval to a motion that restricts driving schools from operating within the Thrushwood and Brookwood Drive areas of Barrie. This comes following complaints from area residents. The routes would require proper signage if the motion is given final ascent at next week’s council meeting. Barrie has seven designated Drive Test routes, while driving instructors were already not permitted to give lessons along these routes either.