Barrie Virtual Community Day



The GOAL of this event:
Bring together the local business community
Share with viewers how businesses can help them both now and in the future
Promote buying local, staying positive and continuing forward momentum in the
Barrie community
Deliver value to viewers by offering advice, tips and information they can use
now, and down the road
• Most importantly, raise money for the Barrie Food Bank and RVH
Tickets are FREE ! Registered viewers will receive an email on May 8 with a detailed
schedule of the day and a link to access the virtual event. The day will be divided up
into different business sectors and viewers can log in at any point during the day based
on their interests, or just run the event in the background as they go about their day,
tuning in when they wish.
Viewers can look forward to business from the following sectors:
• Health & Fitness
• Beauty & Wellness
• Home Improvement
• Food & Beverage
• Recreation & Sport
• Artists & Entertainment
• Real Estate
• Children’s Hour
• Professional Services
• Automotive
More businesses being added daily!
For more information and to register for your tickets, head to