Basketball Star Ranks Arena Popcorn

Toronto's Scotiabank Arena lands near the top

Do you love popcorn?

I love popcorn. I have perfected homemade popcorn (the secret is powdered salt) and I appreciate a really good theatre popcorn. In fact, I sometimes think about going to Cineplex just to buy some popcorn, then I remember how expensive it is and I scrap that plan.

Someone else who loves popcorn is NBA star Stephen Curry. Though popcorn is not approved by the Golden State Warriors nutrition team, he gets his hands on a bag of popcorn at every game in every arena. Being a connoisseur, he came up with a rating system and has ranked every arena popcorn where the NBA plays.

He ranks the popcorn by giving a score out of 5 for each of these 5 categories: Freshness, Saltiness, Crunchiness, Butter, and Presentation

At the top of the list is Dallas Mavericks’ arena, American Airlines Centre, which scored perfect on everything except Crunchiness, which got a 4, for a total of 24/25.

The Brooklyn Nets ranked #2 with a score of 23, Miami heat at #3 with 22; Portland Blazers at #4 with 20, Sacramento King at #5 with 19 and Toronto Raptors at #6 with 18/25.

The Huston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder and Curry’s own Golden State Warriors respective arenas also received a score of 18/25 for their popcorn but were ranked in that order (#7, #8, #9). The Warriors’ arena popcorn lost out on Freshness compared to the Raptors but beat them in the Crunchiness category.

The worst popcorn could be found a the stadium for the Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers, where their popcorn completely failed with a 10/25! Yuck!

See the complete list within THIS New York Times article.